Information Technology National Standards

I. Impact on Society
Achievement Standard: Assess the impact of information technology in a global society.

II. Hardware
Achievement Standard: Describe current and emerging hardware; configure, install, and upgrade hardware; diagnose problems; and repair hardware.

III. Operating Systems and Utilities
Achievement Standard: Identify, evaluate, select, install, use, upgrade, customize, and diagnose and solve problems with various types of operating systems and utilities.

IV. Input Technologies
Achievement Standard: Use various input technologies to enter and manipulate information appropriately.

V. Productivity Software
Achievement Standard: Identify, evaluate, select, install, use, upgrade, and customize productivity software; diagnose and solve software problems.

VI. Interactive Media
Achievement Standard: Use multimedia software to create media rich projects.

VII. Web Development and Design
Achievement Standard: Design, develop, test, implement, update, and evaluate web solutions.

VIII. Information Retrieval and Synthesis
Achievement Standard: Gather, evaluate, use, cite, and disseminate information from technology sources.

IX. Database Management Systems
Achievement Standard: Use, plan, develop, and maintain database management systems.

X. Systems Analysis and Design
Achievement Standard: Analyze and design information systems using appropriate development tools.

XI. Programming and Application Development
Achievement Standard: Design, develop, test, and implement programs.

XII. Telecommunications and Networking Infrastructures
Achievement Standard: Develop the skills to design, deploy, and administer networks and telecommunications systems.

XIII. Information Technology Planning and Acquisition
Achievement Standard: Plan the selection and acquisition of information technologies.

XIV. Security, Privacy, and Risk Management
Achievement Standard: Design and implement security, privacy, and risk management policies and procedures for information technology.

XV. Ethical and Legal Issues
Achievement Standard: Describe, analyze, develop, and follow policies for managing ethical and legal issues in organizations and in a technology-based society

XVI. Technical Support and Training
Achievement Standard: Develop the technical and interpersonal skills and knowledge to train and support the user community.

XVII. Information Technology and Business Functions
Achievement Standard: Describe the information technology components of business functions and explain their interrelationships.

XVIII. Information Technology Careers
Achievement Standard: Explore positions and career paths in information technology.

National Standards for Business Education

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