Final Exam 2021

Make a web site about the Valencia Town Center.

Your web site must have the same colors, style, and feel for each page. Every page must link to all the other pages (20 total pages) you have created. Make a folder named "final" and place all your work in that folder. Below is the list of pages you will need to create. Each page is worth 20 points (400pts Total). You must use the web design techniques listed next to each page. The "look" of your pages must be good! Please impress me with the web design skills you have learned this semester. Last day to work on this assignment is your last final exam period. When you are done with the final, email me and I will grade it during class. Then you will have your final grade for this class!

You all rock (not as much as Helen), thanks for an amazing semester!


--Web Techniques needed on every page.--

Tables, links, text, images, background change, title, and banner.

  1. index.htm- Scrolling Marquee
  2. location.htm- Embeded Google Map
  3. hours.htm- Countdown Script (countdown to New Year's Day)
  4. events.htm- Embeded Google Calendar
  5. covid.htm- Embeded Google Doc showing COVID Protocals
  6. contact.htm- Weather Widget
  7. giftcards.htm- Scrollable Content (Gift Card Information)
  8. dining.htm- Embeded Google Slides showing different dining options (at least 3)
  9. apple.htm
  10. movies.htm
  11. footlocker.htm
  12. forever21.htm
  13. goldsgym.htm
  14. hollister.htm
  15. hottopic.htm
  16. journeys.htm
  17. lids.htm
  18. starbucks.htm
  19. vans.htm
  20. zales.htm