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Introducing High-Dosage Tutoring

High-frequency, high-impact tutoring is a data-supported method of helping students make significant, measurable academic gains.

An icon of a target with a pencil on it, symbolizing the goal of writing or editing.


Design principles from the Annenberg Institute at Brown University

A line drawing of 3 blank squares and 1 green square between them with black arrows pointing to the top right, symbolizing movement or direction.

3+ times/week

Consistent, relational tutoring for groups of 2–4 students

An icon of a rocket ship flying through a teal cloud, symbolizing speed, innovation, or exploration.

Accelerated learning

High-quality intensive instruction with regular assessments and feedback


At and The Princeton Review, we are dedicated to expanding academic opportunity for all students by providing learner-focused support—anytime, anywhere.


We support students by helping them achieve their goals.

We support teachers by extending instructional moments and reinforcing learning.

We support schools by prompting just-in-time interventions and increasing persistence.

We support parents in English and Spanish with guidance for tutoring, test prep, and college admissions.