Web Development 1 &2- 2023 Spring Final Project

Seniors- 25 Pages = 250 Points

Non-Seniors- 30 Pages = 300 Points

Make a website about a Movie Theater that you have created. Give it a unique name with your own unique logo. Your cinema must show 10 movies at one time. Place everything for the final project in a folder named "final". Impress me with your work!

Seniors need to be done with Final on Friday May 19.

All non-seniors need to be done at end of final exam class period.

Website must be created using Dremweaver, Photoshop, and Google Sites.

Link to your final from your original Google Sites Home Page.

View Coach Burill Example Site

View Coach Burill Example Site Last Semester (Fall 22)

Web Design Technique Suggestions/Options for your Movie Site-

Required Pages

  1. index.htm- DW
  2. location.htm- DW
  3. specials.htm- DW
  4. comingsoon.htm- DW
  5. food.htm- DW
  6. prices.htm- DW
  7. employment.htm- DW
  8. owner.htm- DW
  9. midnight.htm- DW
  10. arcade.htm- DW
  11. movie1.htm- DW
  12. movie2.htm- DW
  13. movie3.htm- DW
  14. movie4.htm- DW
  15. movie5.htm- DW
  16. movie6.htm- DW
  17. movie7.htm- DW
  18. movie8.htm- DW
  19. movie9.htm- DW
  20. movie10.htm- DW
  21. You Decide 1- GS
  22. You Decide 2- GS
  23. You Decide 3- GS
  24. You Decide 4- GS
  25. You Decide 5- GS
  26. You Decide 6- GS*
  27. You Decide 7- GS*
  28. You Decide 8- GS*
  29. You Decide 9- GS*
  30. You Decide 10- GS*

Some Ideas for Your Google Sites Pages- Gift Cards, Reward Program, Refunds, 3D Movies, IMAX, Merchandise, , Other Locations, Movie Ratings (opinions), Theatre Picture Page, Birtday Parties, Special Events, Projector Equipment, Popcorn Info, Movie Trailers, Guest Services, Movie News, Weekly Newsletter, etc...

* = Non-Seniors must complete

GS= Google Sites

DW= Dremweaver

View Coach Burill Example Site

View Coach Burill Example Site Last Semester (Fall 22)