Web Development- 2023 Fall Final Project

20 Pages + 10 Web Techniques= 300pts

Make a website about a Office Supply Store that you have created. Give it a unique name with your own unique logo. Place everything for the final project in a folder named "final". Impress me with your work!

Project needs to be linked from your original Google Home Page.

Final due by the end of your Final exam period.

View Coach Burill Example Here 


Web Design Techniques Required on Site- 10 Points Each, 100pts Total

  1. Text, Text Color, Text Size
  2. Images or Color Background Change
  3. Hotspot, Drop Down, Text, Rollover, or Navbar Links (Use 1 or more, your choice)
  4. Tables in Tables
  5. Banner- Phtoshop
  6. Rollover Image or Image Flexi Slideshow
  7. Count Down Script
  8. Scrolling Marquee
  9. Weather Widget
  10. YouTube Video Embeded


View Coach Burill Example Here


Pages Needed- 10 Points Each, 200pts Total

  1. index.htm
  2. special.htm
  3. technology.htm
  4. computers.htm
  5. monitors.htm
  6. printers.htm
  7. furniture.htm
  8. desks.htm
  9. cabinets.htm
  10. chairs.htm
  11. supplies.htm
  12. writing.htm
  13. paper.htm
  14. organize.htm
  15. services.htm
  16. printing.htm
  17. delivery.htm
  18. repair.htm
  19. location.htm
  20. employment.htm



View Coach Burill Example Here



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